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Pelikan International Sportive Activities and Organization Services Inc. - is an international football agency that brings together professionals with at least 20 years of experience. We have a wide range of activities. We implement programs that comply with the rules and recommendations of all international football organizations. We are working on the modernization of football infrastructures and innovative projects. Our football agency works with football clubs of different categories, where we can apply experimental versions of existing projects. We have a staff of creative marketers who are preparing specific programs for regions on the creation of financial resources for football clubs. We are engaged in the use of improved scouting selection programs. We discuss the global and local development of football in the region with the Football Associations of various countries and provide consulting services. We think that to present ourselves in pictures, videos and advertisements is waste of time. Because, this is one of the best things we can do and, more logical will be sharing the benefits of our work. In a nutshell, we are the designers of modern football programs and models. Please, contact us anytime, get acquainted! See you soon!


Football management is a specific business management in the modern century. Therefore, it requires particular cadres in this sphere. The first condition is the proper selection of personnel. However, football is so rapidly developing that there are a few educational centres in the world to keep up with these innovations in their own training systems. As a result, the lack of personnel is one of the main factors led into the bad management of football clubs in many countries. The better solution for it is learning practically. The qualified personnel of the Pelikan International Sportive Activities and Organization Services Inc. provide timely services for the development and modernization of the management system of football clubs. Our qualified personnel provide a new management project and plan for your club between 1-3 years. There are other options as well. We can send our personnel to your club as a project manager and instruct the local staff during the trainings lasting to 3-6 monthes or simply certificate your staff conducting theoretical training in our headquarters. We choose a convenient and suitable way for you. The management criterion is not just for clubs in football. We have projects for the modernization and restructuring of private football academies. We create Scout Laboratories for you. We guarantee that your players are regularly monitored by more than 300 clubs and academies around the world.


Football clubs as well as football institutions are developing with profitable growth as other entities in the modern business world. The good financial resources improve the quality, management opportunities and of course  brand value of football organization. The proper management of brand value is a significant issue. 
Thousands of football institutions failed due to the financial problems. There are thousands of football clubs with a short history. 
The main solution of these problems depends on the proper performance of modern football marketing. 
Our experienced  specialists can help your football club in self-financing. 
- We can investigate the region where your club is playing.  
- We plan to develop the brand value of the club in accordance with the region's business environment.  
- We provide the local advertising and financial resources 
- We plan to increase the value of an international brand. 
- We launch an international financial resource program.  
Our agency cooperates with the experienced economists who  are aware of the business environment of different countries. Our team of experts on the international rating market is responsible for ensuring that all materials on economic monitoring bring a profit on football criteria. 
We have concrete obligations in the deals signed by us in the realization of presented projects. 
We have overstepped the boundaries of " impossibility" in football marketing, and we do not know any  border! 
We believe that we will see the same self-confidence in you as well.  
The opportunities are always somewhere around you.


The priority of each football club is to get good players on time under appropriate conditions. "Scouts" are a category of selectors licensed by international football organizations. You may have a good scout team. But take into account that there is a limitation in their choices as well. Also, the ability of scouts in choosing a player is restricted by different cases. Of course, the modern skouting networks Wyscout, IncStat have significantly improved the opportunities of this sphere.Unfortunately, these factors do not eliminate the wrong choice of club coaches yet. Of course, a man makes mistake and will make. But, when these mistakes are characterized by a series of cases then a football club leads to the loss of sports results and serious material losses. How should a proper skouting process be carried out? What are the main criteria that scouts should pay attention to? Lectures are provided on these issues at regular trainings organized by GR International Football Consulting LLC. We also offer the same service particularly to different clubs. As you know, scouting should be observe in football academies and footballer training centers. The selection of young talents is a more complicated process than the selection of professional players. This is a delicate, but important difference between the present and prospective potential. We are ready for cooperation. If you want to have a serious Scout Laboratory for your main team and children`s football academy, then, please apply. At the same time, we share our scout network with football clubs and provide them approximately 500 players.

Career Planning

The career of football player is quite restricted period of time. You will definitely have a good chance. When you turn around and look back, you grumble about your mistakes. It would be better if I did not transfer to that club, if I did not work with this agent, if I did not give interview with this media... We work with our footballers.The minimizing of "if" is an issue related to the professional career planning. Today, the football player's hairstyle, dress and even the tweet he has made are very important. Each of these factors may be major turning point in his career. It does not matter details or major aspects of his career, the football player should believe in specialists. He should confide in experts who market his potential and protect his rights. We work with our footballers! The development of footballer’s career is managed. If you want to get acquainted with people who manage it, then please contact us.


We are an agency that plays a role in the transfer operations of different sizes each year. And we do not share any information about it. If any football player change his team, we perceive it as a new beginning and hope that everything will be better for him.We do not think appropriate to express our delight for getting commission in the transfer. We are interested in the successful career of the player rather than profit that we obtained from transfer and we think that we shoulder the same responsibility with footballer.

There are hundreds of agencies that can find a new club for you and do your transfering geting commission and sharing it taking photos. If you need professional partner who will support you in your career then we cater all services that you need. We would like to point out our advantage: We are guarantor of all deals that our footballers signed with different clubs in all over the world! According to the insurance point in the agreement concluded by players our company will pay their salaries if their clubs ignore paying them. Our lawyers who have license of FIFA and other international football organizations cater free service to our players if they have problems with other Football Associations or The Court of Arbitration for Sport. We have a group of FIFA agencies that works directly with already 400 football clubs. We work with our footballers on the professional reviews that we get from our scout team.

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